Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dresses for girls

I have these beautiful fabric in my stash for a year but never have an idea on using it.Then one day my first daughter asking me if she can have a dress from one of these fabric.
Since I haven't make a new pattern for her,I'm using the
old pattern that I used before on my dresses for little angels but making another different style for the skirt.
The fabric that big T asking to have

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Record I make

I broke my own record.I make 2 laptop soft cases the use the same fabric but in different size and a skirt just in one day.Making the soft cases a little bit tricky but the skirt is very easy! Just making a rectangle with the length 1,8 x your waist and the wide as you want it plus the 2 cm extra for the rubber (if you use 2 cm rubber band) and 1 cm seam.stitch the top seam with the lining,stitch the bottom of the lining and the main fabric add the rubber band and's done.

The Soft cases

The skirt

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Pelabuhan ratu

Last month we're having a short vacation at Pelabuhan Ratu.Great beach but since the wave is so high the children have to stay away from the water so they just playing with the sand instead.
We are very lucky because we find the nice cottage to stay.And Briel is soooo excited with the sand and the wave ; )

Some of these photos were taking by: Yessica and Yosephine Salim

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flowery blouse with yoke

Finally I make these cute blouse....! I having these japanese books with lot's of cute pattern for little lady and little time for me to make it ; )

This is the blouse with yoke that I'm trying to make and the results is:

The back yoke.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Finally...the right sewing course

I finally found the right sewing course for my tight schedule.It's more like a private lesson and the name of the course is Kursus Tata Busana Wiwi.
Here is the link to their website :
They have a more flexible time for the course and the lecturer Mrs Wiwi Siat, is a professional designer with more than 30 years of experience.
I give the link to her own website:
I will post some picture of our learning process later.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fashion sketch

I never know how important fashion sketches before until I start my sewing course last week.It's important because it's describe our idea of design to other people in a proportional size.
It's really not easy to make even a simple croqui.So out teacher gave us a basic line proportion of human body.For fashion drawing we use 9 equal unit but we use 7 ,5 equal unit for real human.
I found this very useful tutorial on you tube from elidada84's channel Really easy to understand her tutorial in her videos.

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